Seeking Positive Pathways

Carol Waarala, MSW, LMSW, Certified Specialist in Aging & Dementia

Let’s Talk About It: Dementia, Communication & Changing Behaviors

communication-changing-behaviorsALZHEIMER’S… WHAT A DIFFICULT ILLNESS! No one understands WHY anyone gets dementia of any kind. Scientists are still trying to figure out WHAT it is in order to prevent or cure it. And we certainly don’t know WHO will get it.

That pretty much means we are all in the dark when it comes to dementia. So we can STAY IN THE DARK with no answers and let the stigma of dementia grow, devouring us and our loved ones (and it will). Or we can bring LIGHT TO THE DARKNESS by learning about dementia so we can begin to SEE WITH OUR HEARTS what our eyes cannot see.

KNOWLEDGE is mandatory to understanding this disease. But DEEPLY UNDERSTANDING… now there’s the beginning of being able to separate the person from the disease. SEEING THE PERSON allows us to CHANGE. To begin to let go of “what was” and “what’s not working.” TO SEE WITH OUR HEARTS WHAT IS STILL THERE!